Holla, Autumn🍁

I never used to be a “Fall person.” I always loved Spring and Summer because I love being at the beach and being in the water. Now it’s strikes me as funny because, with everything that has transpired recently, I’m actually excited about Fall being upon us. Symbolically, we can say, “Good-bye stress of COVID Summer,” and “Hello new season!”

Oddly enough, I’m thankful and grateful for the things I’ve been through because I believe it’s made me stronger in my faith and character. And I’m excited to see what the Lord will do for my family and me. I’m looking forward to seeing prayers being answered. In a nutshell, I’m expectant!

The Girl & Peace

In my infinite smallness
looking out across the ocean
my arms are albino snakes
basking in the sun and the
hot earth  burns the soles of
my bare feet.
A treasure of pearls are strewn
stardust across the sand and
this  garland around my wrist is
tied to nothing but my  hand.
I am the universe lending life
to silent rock as the  sun streams
down my throat where there is no voice.
A child’s  laughter rings through honeyed
coves where lost lovers wait for the tide
to tumble them  into the golden light.
Beneath my feet,  a carpet of Jacaranda
and my empty hands carry no burden but love.